Above: Rehabilitation center for children with polio, New Delhi, India. Photogragh by Sebastiao Salgado, for Unicef.
  See www.endof Site has photographs by Salgado of polio vaccination programs in Somalia, Sudan,
  Congo, Pakistan, and India.

  .unidentified photo from internet
Angelica Mazua, an Angolan convicted of smuggling cocaine, taking first prize at Brazil's prison system beauty contest.


The second annual Miss Penitenciaria pageant was the final round of a competition lasting months in which 603 inmates from 10 prisons competed for titles in what is quickly becoming one of the best-known pageants in Brazil. The contest categories, aside from the ''beauty'' classification, included a simpatia, or congeniality competition, which was won by Marcia Santana Santos, a 30-year-old serving a sentence for armed robbery, plus an essay and poetry contest on the theme of ''rewriting the future".....Angelica Mazua, (shown above), a 23-year-old Angolan who was arrested at the Sao Paulo airport earlier this year with 2.2 pounds of cocaine tucked into a pair of sneakers, said she was taking part ''to represent my prison and make us all feel better about our situation.'' The winner of the beauty category, Ms. Mazua  is jailed at the prison that held the final, and thus was buoyed by the cheers of the home crowd.  
  From San Francisco Bay View    

  Above: Photo from article about early learning programs.

  Above, left and right from Scientific American article on slavery in the world, April, 2002.
  .Right: . 13 year old Constant Ayitcheou, from Benin (Africa), returns home after being held as a slave in Nigeria
   since he was 8 years old. He is holding a document issued by a French group that helped free him.
   Left: A girl in Brazil whose mother is a slave.    



            Protestant youths displayed glee after throwing stones at a police        
            vehicle in Belfast."   AP photo (1990's?)




  Photo by Michael Kamber, NY Times, June 23, 2003, article on child soldiers in Congo.  





  Children in Gaza City playing in front of pro-Hamas grafitti. Photo by Tyler Hicks for NYT's, 6-16-03,  
  from article on history of Hamas.  


  Photo by Joao Silva for the New York Times. Article, July 30, 2003, describes going home in a nation at war from 1975 until a year ago. No health care,  no farming because land mines are everywhere, no education and a totally corrupt government whose agents are putting oil revenue in their own pockets.  


  ......................World War II photo: Walter Reed Army Hospital, 1944  .............