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This is a general interest website. Topics include corruption in government, legal process that is against the law (such as prosecutors rewarding defendants who testify against their co-defendants with lighter sentences, which violates laws against bribing witnesses), and otherwise unfair (such as granting shooting ranges immunity from any damage claim against them for noise pollution), and makes things worse (like punishing drug addicts with jail instead of rehab). Another topic is crazy medical business practices -- like paying for an Emergency Room visit instead of care at a drop-in clinic -- like shutting down the hospitals that serve the poor while we talk about universal coverage -- like letting the insurance companies, who never would pursue billing fraud claims when they were fee-for-service insurers, take over medicine in the name of cost-containment. They have not contained costs, they have cut services -- like cutting nursing staffing and denying doctors' prescriptions -- and they are putting the money they save in their pockets...... This site looks at the Cold War and U.S. policy in the Muslim World, including, for instance, the calling Pakistan an ally in the war on terror, when the Pakistani government refused to let the U.S. know anything about the network of government employees who, under the direction of the chief  Pakistan's nuclear bomb program, sent nuclear bomb plans and technology to Libya, Iran and North Korea. ....We would like to contribute to the effort to make school less boring by posting articles on science, history and government that are revealing and accessible. School needs to change so that learning is not perceived as an idiotic process by the students. As it is they have a right to reject education. Education bureaucrats believe in the IQ test, which only shows how gullible we are to believe some one test can peg our innate and inescapable intelligence. (Intelligence in any area changes according to various factors, especially focusing and studying hard in a given area, such as reading a lot to improve your verbal aptitude.) The teaching credential requires throwing away a year of your life to learning gibberish from professors who are not even good teachers themselves, and they admit it! This screens out a lot of would-be teachers who don't want to spend a year passing tests about pure balony created by boring bureaucrats.

We thank readers please for sending us article citations, articles, essays, jokes, stories, comments, art, poetry. The "discussion groups" are just comment pages. We are asking people to post ideas, citations etc.

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